Regenerative Medical Engineering

Professor: Takashi Azuma
Associate Professor: Taichi Ito
Assistant Professor: Seiichi Ohta, Naoki Tomii

1. Research
 This branch is in charge of research and development of medical equipment and materials for clinical application. In terms of medical equipment, collaborating with clinicians, we are trying to develop novel research area which covers both clinical therapy and pre-symptomatic diagnosis. USCT (ultrasound computed tomography) for early diagnosis of breast cancer is under development. We are also focusing on HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for realization of next-generation minimally invasive therapy. In addition to its thermal effect, we are searching for novel therapeutics utilizing combination of HIFU with drugs. Furthermore, we are developing diagnosis system of persistent atrial fibrillation for effective ablation therapy by using computer simulation and machine learning techniques.
 Biomaterials are one of the important keys for the development of medical equipment. Our lab is developing novel injectable hydrogels with good biocompatibility. Their application into tissue engineering scaffolds, adhesion-preventing materials, and topical hemostatic agents are studied. In addition, we develop nano / micro particles with various size and materials for medical use. Their application includes drug delivery for peritoneally disseminated gastric cancer, malignant pleural mesothelioma, and hepatic cirrhosis. They can also be used as artificial oxygen carriers and bio-imaging agents.
  1. Ultrasound imaging
  2. Ultrasound therapy
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia
  4. Medical hydrogel and nano/micro particles
  5. Peritoneally adhesion-preventing materials / hemostatic agents / tissue engineering scaffolds
  6. Drug delivery imaging

2. Publications
< Azuma Lab >
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< Ito Lab >
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