Clinical Biotechnology

Clinical Biotechnology


Yuichi Tei


Hironori Hojo


Hiroyuki Okada

1. Research

We pursue two scientific interests with a particular focus on skeletal tissues (bones and cartilages): (1) manipulation of progenitor cell differentiation and proliferation based on understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying cell fate specification, and (2) development of novel biomaterials fulfilling characteristics required for in vivo use as scaffolds. We aim to develop novel systems for skeletal tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, where cell differentiation and proliferation are directly regulated in situ.

  • Understanding of epigenome dynamics and gene regulatory landscape in cell fate specification by genome-scale and bioinformatic approaches
  • Identification of bioactive molecules for tissue regeneration, inspired by the gene regulatory landscape in progenitor differentiation and proliferation
  • Development of tissue-development modeling systems using pluripotent stem cells
  • Development of tissue-inductive implant devices integrating tissue-regeneration signals and highly functional and biocompatible biomaterials
  • Development of theoretical systems and human resources that integrate medical biology and engineering through medicine-engineering collaborations, international collaborations, and industry-academia collaborations

2. Publications

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